Company Foundation

by Ludwig Häberle with tipper-transports



First Tarpaulin-Truck and Expansion of the General-Cargo and Part-Load Transport Services in the Local Area

Local pick-ups, customer orders, and complete-load-transports,   house-forwarding agent for EDEKA, mainly for food and beverages


Takeover of the shipping-company Bittlingmaier,

Schwäbisch Gmünd, as a railroad official carrier


Development and Expansion

  • 1989 opening of the new branch-office in Aalen; expanding the activity as a railroad official carrier and handling the transhipment for the DB
  • 1991 opening of the branch-office in Leipzig, implementation and expansion of national and international part and full load transport services
  • 1992 started the customer-ordered warehousing and the first commissioning and packaging activities
  • 1993 introducing the Quality Management System; building-up the general-cargo transportation service
  • 1994 upgrading of the storage-and-logistics areas with the first high-bay warehouse, in addition to on-demand assembly services.
  • 1996 DIN ISO 9002 certification of the entire company


The Foundation of  VTL-Cargo-System GmbH

located in Eschweiler by Heinz Hintzen in collaboration with Christoph Bermann, Hermann Bottermann and Hans-Peter Häberle.


VTL in Fulda

  •  1998  VTL-Cargo-System starts their operative business  
  • 1999 begins the construction of the new VTL building in Fulda


Extension of the storage and logistics areas

  • 2000  relocating the activity in the industrial area ‘Gügling’ and commissioning the new high-bay warehouse
  • 2001 extending the storage logistics, expansion of international transports, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification

  • 2002 expansion of Eastern European transports through our partners

  • 2003 foundation of the daughter company Logigraphics Logistics & Solutions – Software Development and Management Consulting

  • 2004 storage-and-logistics space extension; further expansion of the Eastern European transport services

  • 2005 Expansion of the national distribution network through the expansion of direct and encounter-and-exchange transport and through the affiliation with 20 additional VTL partners; foundation of Ludwig Häberle Güterkraftverkehrsgesellschaft (road-freight transport company)


50th Company Aniversery

Foundation of Ludwig Häberle Handelsgesellschaft (Trading Company); extension of the VTL terminal in Fulda; upgrading the storage-logistics areas with crane tracks



  • 2007  expansion and consolidation of our European logistics network in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Poland; extension of special storage areas for machinery and long materials; opening of the Regional HUB South in Ulm; relocation and extension of the Regional HUB West to Gelsenkirchen
  • 2008  expansion and consolidation of the logistics network in France and Germany; fleet expansion and modernization; 2nd extension of the central HUB in Fulda; opening of an external warehouse in Werrenwiesenstraße Schwäbisch Gmünd


Temperature-controlled and Special Transports

development of the project-and special transport department with focus on machines, production lines, vehicles, industrial trucks, long, heavy, bulky and hazardous goods as well as dangerous goods waste; expanding of the warehouse logistics department; temperature-controlled transports are also being introduced in cooperation with DIALOG; extension of the national and international partner network as well as further development of national and international road transport services


Fleet Upgrade

  • 2010 introducing the electronic delivery-scanning system in cooperation with our partner Kratzer AG; opening the Regional HUB-Süd in Kürnach; construction of two new outdoor storage areas on our premises; upgrading the vehicle fleet: acquisition of a temperature-controlled distribution-truck for local transport: launch of green logistics in the VTL General Cargo System; supporting the ‘Visions for Children Education’ Foundation    
  • 2011 fleet upgrade: drop-centre trailer, electronically extendible v-shaped mega trailer; additional temperature-controlled distribution truck


New Development Gügling

opening of the new temperature-controlled and GDP-certified warehouse in Gügling. Interested parties are able to store goods in the temperature range of 15-25°C and to use all services offered in this sector, including value-added services


60- Years Jubilee

of Ludwig Häberle Logistik GmbH.


Opening of the New Location in  Schorndorf.

in a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehouse with more than 8000-pallet storage space


Opening of the New Location in Mögglingen.

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