GDP network solutions

The General Cargo Network for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Together with nine other shareholders we have founded a nationwide pharmaceutical general cargo network - the "GDP network solutions". The company is a cooperation of medium-sized, owner-managed pharmaceutical logistics experts that transports pharmaceuticals and healthcare products according to Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

The focus is on pallet transport - up to six pallet spaces, 2.5 loading metres and a weight of 2,500 kg. The temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals are kept within a temperature range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius from collection through storage and all the way to delivery.

We guarantee continuous temperature-controlled services throughout Germany.

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Official Partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Heidenheim

We are official partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Heidenheim and offer a combined study program in the following major-programms:

  • Business Administration – Forwarding, Transport and Logistics
  • Business Administration – Marketing Management
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Certificate of Participation in Civil Emergency Prevention

Civil Emergency Prevention in Road Traffic

Duties and Responsibilities according to the Verkehrssicherstellungsgesetz ( German Traffic Safety Act - VerkSiG)

The Civil Emergency Prevention Unit is responsible for planning and implementing the Federal Transport Organisation (TOB).

The TOB is a nationwide association comprising about 600 voluntary road-freight companies, with around 120.000 road trains. The transport capacity of the TOB comprises a volume of approximately 190.000 Tons.

The mission of the TOB is, to provide inter-regional and cross-border transports of goods to population and armed forces, for defence purposes.

TOB has been designed to serve the cases clearly stipulated in Article 80a of the Constitution:

  • In case of defence
  • Voltage Drop
  • Mutual Defence
  • In cases specially authorised by the Bundestag (German Government)

In addition to that, TOB could be used in times of crisis preceding any of the above-mentioned cases, when vitally important traffic is already seriously disrupted.


„Half a body does not drive a truk - Modern forms of organisation and integration in logistics“ with Hans-Peter Häberle

In the 13th episode of the Intrinsify podcast series "Faces of the New Economy", Lena Stiewe from Intrinsify talks to Hans-Peter Häberle, one of the three managing directors of Ludwig Häberle Logistik GmbH.

Hans-Peter tells Lena Stiewe his personal story - from growing into the family business, sudden demands and his idea of collegial leadership in logistics.

Among other things, the two talk together about:

  • His career in his father's company and the sudden assumption of responsibility
  • How the logistics of small truck tours and "natural produce" has developed for drivers
  • The human side of logistics and why he advocates a more integrated approach
  • The recognition of personal limits and health as an important factor in logistics
  • His understanding of employee involvement and the purpose of the company
  • Collegial leadership and the future of supply chain management

Enjoy listening!

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Häbi FIT for the employees

Do you already know about HäbiFIT ?

The health and well-being of our employees is close to our heart.

In addition to the personal meaning and relevance that “health” has for each individual, we see it as our responsibility not only to prevent work-related health threats, but also to systematically protect, promote and improve the altogether health of our employees.

In this respect we are breaking new ground and setting new standards. Besides the working resources that have already been made available to our employees, we also rely on a comprehensive Health Management System (BGM) and are presenting HäbiFIT to you today.

HäbiFIT is available to our employees both as app and desktop version. A new themed video on exercising, etiquette, psyche and addiction, or healthy and correct nutrition is being uploaded on the platform every day.

After each daily clip (working days only) the system asks a question and with each right answer, the employee receives a credit point.

The collected credit points can be then traded for great prizes, which makes it definitely worth the participation.

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